10 March 2012

Fish Port Princess

Prinsesa Ng Banyera is a Afternoon Soap Opera on ABS-CBN and became the first Afternoon Drama with a Primetime Storyline Maningning Kristine Hermosa grew up living in the cruelty of her mother Jaclyn Jose because of love and how her mother lived her life now to her opinion is Maningning's fault the story revolves around the fish market, and the real lives of people in the underworld where men rule the ports and Ghetto, while Maningning has hopes of finding her sister Mayumi Angelika de la Cruz who is now Daphne Pierra she was adopted by a rich Prominent family and a scheming mother (Lyka Ugarte) Mayumi who now lives the life she ever wanted never knew her faith and true identity will creep back to her as Maningning is now a Laundry woman for the Pierra's as she hides the truth that she is skipping school to give her brother Hagabat, a good life and saving money for an education and into this dismay Daphne. 

does not know that Maningning is her sister whose fiance Charles Rafael Rosell has a certain like for Maningning, but Daphne, is not even wanted by Charles' mother, but Daphne has plans to ruin Maningning and as time begins to creep up Maningning finds out Daphne's real identity, their last remembrance together now is at their home in the pier as they reunite but someone ends up shooting Daphne unknowingly and Maningning is blamed by Daphne's mother a new woman arrives by the name of Cassandra Ynarez Ara Mina who ends up doing harm in Maningning's life.

p/s: layan astro bella di hujung minggu..best cerita ni..

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