20 July 2011

Create Photo Album

Gambar contoh.
  • On the Insert tab, in the Images group, click the Photo Album button.
The Photo Album dialog box opens.
  • Under Insert picture from, click File/Disk.
The Insert New Picture dialog box opens.
  • Navigate to your file folder, click picture 1, hold down the Crtl key, and click picture 3 through picture 5. Then click Insert.
  • In the Pictures in album list, click picture 4, and then click the Move Up button to make it the second picture in the list.
  • Preview the pictures in turn, and then click the Contrast and Brightness buttons as necessary to give the four photographs a more even tone.
You could also adjust the rotation of a picture, but in this case, that is not necessary.
  • In the Album Layout area, display the Picture Layout list, and click 4 pictures.
  • Display the Frame Shape list, click Rounded Rectangle. Then click Create.
  • Save the presentation as My Photo Album.
**Kertas Kerja ke-2 dlm Ms Powerpoint 2010.

***sekarang tengah sibuk create Biografi anak3....

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