05 June 2011

Sinopsis Amaya

The story is set in Central Visayas in the 1500s, during the time of Rajah Mangubat's reign. He was not only known as a good warrior, but also as an undefeated one. Nobody stood a chance against him especially with his extraordinary battle skills and his magical amulet. Not long after, a village priestess prophesizes that there will be a day that he will be defeated.

Rajah Mangubat becomes anxious about the prophecy not only because he will eventually be defeated, but also because the person who will take over his power is a girl - a girl who has a snake for a twin. With this, he orders all pregnant women in his own village tribe and also in others to be killed. Datu Bugna's village is the only one that survives Rajah Mangubat's terror because they have long been friends and alliances.

What Rajah Mangubat doesn't know is that the baby girl that he has been looking for to be killed has been born in Datu Bugna's village. Amaya is Datu Bugna's daughter from Dal'lang, a slave woman. And because he wants to protect Amaya, he hides her in a secret chamber as a "binukot" and tells her that Dal'lang, is already dead. Amaya's twin snake is thrown away to the forest and is told that it may only come back if Amaya is in dire need of help.

Amaya has once attempted to escape from her chamber when she wanted to see the outside world for the first time. That was when she saw Prince Bagani for the first time. They immediately fell in love with each other. No matter the distance and the years that have passed, they still have not forgotten that day when they first met.

Because of Lamitan's evil desire to get rid of Amaya, she betrays her husband Datu Bugna and tells Rajah Mangubat her husband's plan of revolt. Rajah Mangubat's men take Amaya from her chamber and use her as blackmail to make Datu Bugna confess. He eventually does and Rajah Mangubat kills him in front of Amaya.

Rajah Mangubat takes Amaya to his village and there, turns her as one of his slaves. Amaya sees the treacherous Lamitan and becomes enraged with her father's double-crossing wife. She promises that she will do anything to avenge her father. But Rajah Mangubat still has no idea about Amaya's true identity - the girl with the twin snake

Amaya is surprised to see her long lost love, Bagani, but is devastated to find out that he is Rajah Mangubat's son. Bagani is shocked as well when he finds out that the girl he once fell in love with is now a slave. In spite of this, he still remains in love with her. However, Amaya tries to get rid of her feelings for him all for her father's sake.

Will she succeed in her battle against true love? Will she be able to finally avenge her father? Will her prophecy come true?


  1. cam best je...suka sgt cita epik2 mcm ni..amaya ni pun lawa

  2. suka tengok marian rivera...comelllllllllll sangat..



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