16 April 2011

Chae Rim

Name: Chae Rim (Chae Lim)
Born Name: Park Chae Rim
Date of Birth: March 28, 1979
Height: 168cm
Weight: 48kg
Blood type: A
Profession: Actress
Family: parents, younger brother
Marital Status: married singer Lee Seung Hwan on May 24, 2003

TV Series
Princess Sheng Ping (2005)
Warriors of the Yang Clan (2004)
Oh! Pil Seung And Bong Soon Young (KBS2, 2004)
Love at The Aegean Sea (CTS, 2004)
On The Green Fields (KBS2, 2003)
We Are Dating Now (SBS, 2002)
Four Sisters (MBC, 2001)
Cheers For The Women (SBS, 2000)
All About Eve (MBC, 2000)
Air Force (MBC, 2000)
Loving You (MBC, 1999)
Kaist (SBS, 1999)
The Song of Hope (1999)
Shy Lover (MBC, 1998)
Jump (1998) sitcom
As We Live Our Lives (KBS, 1998)
My Mother's Daughters(SBS, 1998)
Ban Buhl Ee(MBC, 1997)
A Daughter's Choice(MBC, 1996)
Pair (MBC, 1995)
Journey (1994)
Warm River (1994)

p/s: geram tengok muka chae rim ni, cute sangat. Citer All about eve tu memang best.

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